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Estate services provide downsizing and executor services to clients in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. These services help clients manage the disposition of personal and household property by providing a broad range of services to seniors, homeowners and executors who are managing wills and estates.

Whether you are handling an estate, downsizing or dealing with the daunting task of clearing a hoarding situation, our experienced staff will help you through the process. Our appraisal managers will assess what is worth reselling verse what is donated and recycled. Using Clutter to Cash will not only reduce workload and stress but may also yield a large financial return. You want a company that is organized, punctual and respectful while treating your situation with care. Whenever possible, we donate unused items, non expired foods and clothing to charitable organizations and the families in need societies. Our services are used by Law firms, executors, trustees, attorneys, banks and families who need to dispose of unwanted items that may prevent or slow down the administration of an estate. Clutter to Cash has worked with many law firms over the last decade to help families liquidate assets and cleanup properties.

For more information on administrator responsibilities of a Will or estate visit the BC government website here BC government Wills & Estates.

Some Tips when dealing with an Estate:


1. Find and set aside all key financial documents. Locate and secure any wills, trusts and related documents that may be difficult to replace. Look for life insurance policies, real estate deeds and titles; obtain recent bank statements if none are in the home.  Retain any stock certificates; 401(k) records; tax returns and receipts.

2. Work with family members on sharing items. One strategy that can help is to have family members create a list of the items they would like to have from the estate.  While this can work well, unfortunately there are situations where conflicts and disagreements can arise. If necessary, involving outside mediators or legal help may be helpful.

3. Keep old family photos and sentimental items. (i.e) Pictures of pets. Often these types of items are of little resale value, however, are irreplaceable for family members and loved ones.

4. Donate any old clothing, books and blankets. Most clothing has little resale value and there are many families in need of clean usable clothes.

5. Hire a Clutter to Cash estate appraiser for any items that you think could be worth selling. If the estate is comprised of a substantial amount of furniture, jewelry and antiques it could be well worth the investment to find out current market values.

6. Get help. The work can be overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Some of the tasks are simply monotonous and lengthy, such as sorting through paperwork. Other tasks require physical exertion such as moving furniture, cleaning and hauling items and debris. To see our rates for estate removal &/ clean-out services, please click here.



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