Author: Nathan . |

Quick response, fast service, reasonable price and friendly staffs.

I cleaned out some junks from my shed and put them on my driveway. On Saturday(January 25th 2020), I found some companies from the internet and emailed them photos of the garbage for estimation.
Clutter To Cash was the first company which replied my email within 1 hour. They told me that they were available tomorrow (Sunday). I thought to myself : Wow! That's quick!
(the fee was reasonable 85 dollars)

Nathan and Aiden came on Sunday and put all the stuff to their truck just within 5 minutes!
Nathan politely asked me what's in the garbage bag(gardening tools and used items mostly) , gave me the feeling that he was thoughtful and reliable.
Aiden was friendly too, he worked efficiently with positive attitude and interacts nicely with customer, his sincere smile makes people feel good.

After the job, we chatted, and shook hands.
Totally it's a good experience!(The job has done, and It's haven't been 24 hours since I sent the first email)
Thank you Nathan and Aiden!