About Clutter To Cash, LLC.

Junk Removal Company in Maple Ridge, BC


Clutter to Cash, LLC has been in operation since October 2015 in Maple Ridge, BC. It has expanded and has offices in Richmond, BC and Hong Kong, China.  Nathan has a background in Bachelor of Commerce (Grant McEwan University, Alberta) with a degree in e-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) from Prosoft Technical University in Texas, USA.  Nathan has over 15 years of online sales, consulting and computer programming experience.  Erica has over 12 years of eBay and online selling experience.  She is passionate about keeping reusable items out of landfills and allowing them to have a new life!

Our mission:

  • Educate how to recycle, resell, reuse and discard items that are not in use
  • Provide a complete service experience for customers moving or downsizing
  • Streamline the moving and junk removal process to save customers time, money and reduce the amount of waste during the entire process
  • Give back to customers and charitable organizations
  • Incorporate junk removal, recycling, reselling into the relocation and moving industry

How we are different:

Clutter To Cash is the only Junk Removal Company to offer a multitude of services that are usually required when properties (both residential and commercial) are vacated. Our staff are capable of moving, junk removal, cleaning, de-cluttering and helping you re-sell your unwanted items!  We have developed a unique "credit back program" that compensates customers for any unwanted items while we engage in removal and moving jobs.  We developed this system to reduce the amount garbage waste and to save our customers money on the overall costs.

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