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Junk Removal and recycling services across the Lower mainland, British Columbia


Junk removal done the right way! We carefully sort through your junk to recycle, resell and donate as much as possible. From single item removals to estate and hoarding clean outs, we are greater Vancouvers most economical and efficient junk removal service.  With our credit back system in place, our rates average half of what most junk companies are charging.


Junk Removal & Recycling Service Highlights:

  • You may qualify for free junk removal!
  • Get credit towards your bill on any resalable junk
  • Our rates consistently average 40-50% what larger junk companies charge
  • No hidden surcharges that rental bins are known for
  • No job is too big or small (Hoards to Single Item Pickups)
  • Maximized recycling & composting system in place
  • Constantly donating to charitable organizations and people in need

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Billing & Rates:

$65.00 per hour - 1 guy rate, light lifts (100 lbs), small appliances, single arm chair, small BBQ, household items, clothing bag, smaller items

$85.00 per Hour - 2 guy rate, medium lifts (125 lbs+), king mattresses, BBQs, couches, construction material, treadmills, large steel pieces, appliances

$105.00 per Hour - 3 guy rate, heavy lifts (300 lbs+), pianos, engines, large furniture


How your bill will be calculated:

(Hours on job site including unloading time & travel) + (lbs of garbage multiplied by $0.18) + (any surcharge items) -
(clutter to cash credits) +
(GST on total)

Surcharge Items:
  1. Items with Freon Gas (mini fridge, water cooler) - $20
  2. Mattress or Box Spring - $35 (per pc.)
  3. Drywall - $0.28 per Lb plus costs of bags (plus $4 per bag)
  4. Hazardous Materials - (i.e Poisons)

* Rates usually average 40-50% of most junk companies bill.

** Travel time to and from facilities is considered part of the hourly rates. Donation items and recycling are considered non-garbage, therefore only travel and labor costs will be associated when handling those items. Anything of resale value will be a credit against your bill (50% of Market Value)

We do not charge by the amount of space your junk takes up in the truck because it is a flawed way to bill customers and is unfair. We give you a true bill according to what it will cost us and how much time it took to deal with it.

Types of items we can help with:

  • Returnables – Pop cans, plastic drink containers
  • Cardboard – banned from the garbage
  • Paper not meant for shredding, magazines, newspaper, paper towels, coffee cups
  • Plastic containers – coffee lids, yogurt containers
  • Batteries – all sizes
  • Items with cords, electronics
  • Kitchen food waste, coffee grounds, tea bags (Introduce the G + bucket)
  • Clothing, bags, broken equipment, closet clean-up
  • Green waste, grass clippings, leaves, small branches



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