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Recycling Pickup Service

This pickup service includes items such as clothing, soda bottles, cardboard, styrofoam, propane tanks, electronic waste aka e-waste, televisions, BBQ, appliances, propane tanks, shredded paper, metal and books. Our trained staff will also help organize and separate your "clutter" into proper categories for disposal. Recycling and donation materials are considered "non-waste" items, therefore no disposal charges apply, you simply pay the hourly rate for the staff to deal with the material. $75.00 per hour plus GST. Travel time to and from the disposal facilities is part of the hourly billing.

Estate Services (3 Staff w/ appraiser)

Estate removal services include all general household items such as furniture, televisions, beds, dressers, electronics, tools, recycling, household garbage, food waste, cardboard, hot tubs, pop cans, styrofoam, old propane tanks, pop bottles, electronic waste, old toys, antiques, collectibles, BBQs etc. Our trained and diligent staff will break down the contents into appropriate categories for proper disposal. The billing time starts when the truck arrives on your job site. It is important to note, travel time to &/ from disposal, donation & recycling centers & facilities is part of the hourly billing. This service also includes professional appraisal of any valuable item(s) &/ assets involved within your estate, a value added service we offer to our customers that may yield a large financial return. $135.00 per hour plus GST.


Residential Garbage Pickup

Our residential garbage pick up services are affordable and flexible. We offer different pickup frequencies in order to accommodate your family needs. Weekly, Bi-weekly, tri-weekly and monthly pickups are available. * No contracts required.


Pricing Chart (Per pickup cost by weight)
1st weight class (0 to 60lbs) = $9.00
2nd weight class (60 to 120lbs) = $15.00
3rd weight class (120 - 180lbs) = $21.00
4th weight class (180 - 240lbs) = $27.00

Weekly Pickup (1st Weight Class, 60lbs or less)
$122.85 per Quarter (price includes GST)

Bi-Weekly Pickup (1st Weight Class, 60lbs or less)
$56.70 per Quarter (price includes GST)

Monthly Pickup (1st Weight Class, 60lbs or less)
$28.35 per Quarter (price includes GST)

* For residential curbside customers only. We offer a "Single Stream" recycling service. You can put all your mixed recycling in large clear bags and leave by your trash cans for pickup. This is a great and convenient service for customers who simply don't have the time to separate their recycling materials. Cost is $6.00 plus GST (per bag).

Junk Removal &/ Hoarding

Our experienced and diligent staff will break down the "clutter" into proper categories for disposal. Our objective is to reduce the amount of landfill waste on all jobs, therefore donation and recycling materials have no disposal costs. Hourly billing would start when the truck arrives at your job site. If the site is more than 30 mins away from Maple Ridge we will charge travel time to your job site. Once the truck departs your job, travel time to and from disposal centers will accrue as part of the hourly billing .



1 Staff w/ Truck $75.00 per hour plus $0.18 per LB of disposal waste  Including items less than 100 lbs.  Pickup items such as small appliances, single arm chairs, small BBQ, household items, clothing bags, toys, smaller furniture, recycling bags, bags of soda cans, garbage bags, gypsum bags.
2 Staff w/ Truck $90.00 per hour plus $0.18 per Lb of disposal waste Including items over 100lbs but less than 300lbs.  Pickup items such as king mattresses, large BBQs, murphy & hydraulic beds, large couches, heavy construction material, treadmills, large steel piece, appliances.
3 Staff w/ Truck $135.00 per hour plus $0.18 per Lb of disposal waste Including items over 300lbs. Pickup items such as pianos, car engines, commercial appliances, large and very heavy furniture pieces.
Bio Hazard & dangerous removal 2 Staff w/ Truck $185.00 per hour plus $0.24 per Lb of disposal waste.  Including rat, rodent, bed bug infestations, asbestos removal, drug usage sites (loose syringes).
Additional surcharge items or fees Freon Gas pre-1975, water filtration tanks, large propane canisters, camper fridges & appliances are subject to a $25 recycling environmental fee, Mattresses and box springs $35 per unit, Drywall Asbestos removal = $0.28 per LB, must be double bagged with tied duct tape (unless drywall is clean cut off less than 5 years old and not wet)

Bin Rentals (Any Size)

Drop off and pickup fee (trucking) = $400.00 plus $0.13 cents per lb of waste plus GST. For example, 1 bin with a tonnes (2,200lbs) of garbage weight plus ++ delivery and pickup would cost = $686.00 plus GST. * Important to note, Certain items cannot go into bins such as electronics, drywall, tires, poisons, paints, batteries, chemicals, hazardous materials and mattresses. These items will be subject to a processing fee of $85.00 per piece. Please discuss with us what you plan to load into the bin before renting. This will help to prevent any hazardous materials from entering our landfills.


Moving & Delivery rates

Our experienced movers will offer professional moving and delivery services (on call), any day of the week! Drivers and movers will come equipped with all necessary tools, supplies and equipment in order to conduct your move efficiently, safely and on time.

$65.00 per hour plus GST (1 Driver / Mover) + $0.70 per km
$95.00 per hour plus GST (1 Driver w/ 1 mover) + $0.70 per km
$125.00 per hour plus GST (1 Driver w/ 2 movers) + $0.70 per km
$155.00 per hour plus GST (1 Driver w/ 3 movers) + $0.70 per km

Certified Cleaning Services (BSW)

Our diligent and experienced cleaners will leave your property spotless. We also offer professional carpet cleaning and BSW certified cleaning service. Cleaners come equipped with all necessary tools, supplies and equipment.

$57.50 per hour (1 Cleaner)
$87.50 per hour (2 Cleaners)
$122.50 per hour (3 Cleaners)


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