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What is Consignment? Consignment is a business arrangement in which a business, also referred to as a "consignee", agrees to sell items for a "consignor" in return for an agreed commission. The English word consignment is from the French word consignor, which means to deposit, as in to drop off items for sale. Consignment businesses are typically retail stores that specialize in a particular type of consumer product. Clutter to Cash is a licensed eBay trading broker with over 18 years of experience selling and over 12,400 positive transactions. Some of your items may qualify to be listed on our eBay stores. For more information on listing items please reach out and contact us today!



Common Consignment Items:


  • Collectibles
  • Video games & consoles (Nintendo, Atari, SEGA)
  • New Clothing used clothing (Designer Wear)
  • Shoes New in Box (NIKE, Adidas etc.)
  • Athletic equipment & Sports gear
  • Antiques such as instruments, soda advertising and furniture (pre 1955)
  • Some types of modern furniture (gently used, clean smoke free condition)
  • Toys (original and sealed pre 1995)
  • Jewelry
  • Mid-century furniture in good condition
  • Newer flat screen TVs
  • Turn Tables & DJ Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Vintage Electronics
  • ATVs, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes
  • Vinyl Records, LPs (12" or 10")
  • Coin collections
  • Sports Cards & Memorabilia
  • Camping Gear & equipment
  • Wheel Barrows, yard tools and Lawnmowers
  • Dyson, Bosch & GE appliances or electronics
  • Phones, laptops, computers (new and old)
  • Musical instruments and old amplifiers
  • Watches (New & Vintage) (Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Audemars Piguet)
  • Tools (manual and electric)
  • Old Stamp collections
  • Cameras, Lenses, Radio equipment
  • Comic Books
  • Precious Stones (Diamonds, Emerald, Ruby, Pearls, Sapphires, Catseye & Jades)
  • Gold, Aluminium or Silver or other non ferrous metals


Consignment Rates & Commissions


We will pickup your consignment goods in one of our Clutter to Cash vans so you don't have to do the lifting or driving. Your goods will be dropped off to one of our nearest warehouse facilities where they will be tested, cleaned and listed for sale. There will be no storage fees associated with your items and consignment. Your funds will be ready generally 4-6 weeks after the pick up date, but could be longer depending on the volume of your consignment items.

For the transfer of your consignment goods, standard removal rates will apply. The billing will start 30 mins before the van arrives to your pickup location and will end when the van is completely unloaded. Visit our rates and terms webpage for more information on rates and fees.

Clutter to Cash consignment rates are generally 50% of net sales, however are negotiable for larger and high value collections.

Advantages of consignment


  • No need to spend time creating listings on eBay, Etsy or Craiglist
  • No need to ship or deliver sold items
  • Clear unused space in your home and convert unwanted items to cash
  • Reduce the cost of junk removal
  • Gives others the opportunity to enjoy your unused items
  • Keeping good re-usable items out of the landfills
  • Receive a breakdown and sales report of items sold (Microsoft Excel)
  • Receive a Clutter to Cash company check or e-transfer same day!



Demand for consignment goods is on the upswing, says that Association of Retail Professionals. Growth in number of new consignment stores is currently around 7% annually. As consumer trends come and go, the resale industry adapts, too. This past year we saw more and more companies entering and expanding in the online consignment store market with major VC investments. Companies like GoodBuy Gear and Rheaply both received millions of dollars for their hiring and expansion needs and rely on custom consignment software programs to manage their business.



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