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I had a really good experience with Clutter to Cash. I had a large project involving a significant quantity of household items and junk. Nathan was quick to respond to my inquiry. He was helpful and straightforward to deal with. Pricing was fair, transparent and very competitive. The staff that arrived to do the job, Sebastian and Ken, were punctual, professional, friendly, and worked efficiently. They took everything that we asked them to take, even items such as saw blades and sharp metal, without us having to prepare these items in any way. It was a relief to have these items carried away, knowing that they would be safely disposed of. It was also nice to know that our household items would go to charity or a thrift store, and potentially be reused. Clutter to Cash took a number of items that had resale value. The value of these items reduced the cost of the junk removal service substantially. I felt like we were treated fairly and were very satisfied with the service. No hesitation to recommend. Thanks!