Weekly Recycling Service

For residential + business owners!


Recycling materials is one of the services that we take most pride in at Clutter to Cash. Reducing the amount of waste, materials and items entering our landfills is one of the highest priorities for our team. The recycling process should proceed what end users are putting in garbage bags.

CluttertoCash is a leader in Canadian recycling. Take advantage of regularly scheduled recycling when the "basic option" is just not enough!

What types of things can you get recycled?
Metals - removed & recycled weekly!
Clothes & Fabric - removed & recycled weekly!
Electronic Devices - removed & recycled weekly!
Bottles & Empties - removed & recycled weekly!
Books & Newspapers - removed & recycled weekly!
Cardboard - removed & recycled weekly!

Why use Clutter to Cash for Recycling?
When it comes to recycling, the easier the better. That’s why we offer simple solutions that make a big difference for our community and our environment. Look to Clutter to Cash for convenient, efficient recycling services you can use in your home or business.

Do we work with condominiums?
We work with condominium boards, property managers, and business owners to make sure that your building has an efficient recycling program that is fully compliant with the city bylaws. This includes determining where bins or carts will be placed, what type of receptacle will be used, how many are required, and the frequency of pick-ups.

No matter what restrictions you may have, CluttertoCash operates blue container recycling programs for buildings between 5-500+ units with customized programs that are adapted to the needs of the units.

CluttertoCash's mixed recycling programs are tailored to meet the needs and restrictions of each individual building or complex. CluttertoCash has been a long-time trusted provider in the mixed recycling service and our unique offering has become a staple amenity for many Lower Mainland residences and businesses today.

Are you looking for solutions for your business?
We have been in this business since 2015 offering efficient and cost-effective recycling programs to small, medium, and large businesses and other organizations throughout the Lower Mainland. We will also help make sure that residents and/or employees are aware of the program and know what they CAN and CANNOT put into the bins.

Our recycling programs are customized to the size of your organization.

How much do we charge?
CluttertoCash does not charge any hidden fees or surcharges. We offer fixed rate pricing for easy budget forecasting.

Do we do mixed recycling?
Yes absolutely. CluttertoCash is committed to taking the stress out of your recycling duties. All quoted prices are all-inclusive; no need to worry about surcharges or hidden fees!

Whether you need mixed recycling services for your house, condo or business, CluttertoCash Recycling has a solution for you.

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