How To Sell Your Clutter For Cash

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Our advice to selling clutter online is also to use the ebay advanced search feature in the ebay app, so you can see quickly and easily what you have got. Once you declutter and you have decided that you would like to sell a few used items, do some searching around the web. If you want to sell your items fast, but also get a good price for them, listing online is the way to go.
You can probably get a lot more money if you find a dealer willing to sell your items on consignment. Typically, you will receive 25%-50% of your initial cost back when the item is sold. You have a choice to sell each item at an auction, which sends your goods to the highest bidder, or at a Buy it Now sale, which has a fixed price.
As an added benefit, you can use any money that comes from selling the item to work toward a financial goal you care about. While you might not receive the full amount that you paid for an item when it was brand-new, at the very least, selling it helps recoup part of that money spent.
After going through the consignment stores in your area, and selling what you can on the internet, you could have a garage sale to sell the remaining items.

You can also set up your own online store on sites such as eBay or Etsy, or you can sell your stuff to a dealer. On Etsy, where there are 2.7 million active sellers, you can set up your own shopfront with photos of the items you would like to sell. You could try selling your own stuff online via marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace.
Facebook has sell/swap/buy groups in almost all cities, or you can join groups specifically for certain items. While you can sell bigger-ticket items here, we found that these groups are great places for selling smaller items and clothes.
Also look at completed auction listings on eBay, so that you see what items are actually selling for, instead of live auctions which only show what sellers are asking for an item. In most cases, listing items for sale on Amazon is super simple, but can become complicated with rare items no one else is selling on Amazon. Many people plan on selling things, but are not really sure how best to go about doing so, and items are simply cluttering up their homes.

If you would like to skip all the effort listed above, you can inquire with the Clutter to Cash staff to see if your item is qualified for either consignment or the Clutter to Cash credit system. To learn more about those, visit our homepage here.