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Clutter to Cash’s Handy Moving Tips for Vancouver and Lower Mainland BC Canada Residents

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Clutter to Cash’s Handy Moving Tips for Vancouver and Lower Mainland BC Canada Residents

The task of moving to a new home can be stressful, but you can eliminate some of the anxiety by planning ahead. Whether you are being transferred to a new job in another province, or just relocating down the street after having bought a new house, abiding by a few strategies can help ensure a smoothly executed move.

So what are some first things you should start doing to prepare?

One of your first tasks is collecting boxes. If you want to make it simple and do not mind spending some money, you can purchase them from most moving companies or a Home Depot. You can also save a little cash by buying them used from other people, such as online or at garage sales. Of course, most people opt to try to get them for free, usually by asking family members, friends, and local online forums if there are any boxes that are just taking up space somewhere. Some grocery stores also offer their old boxes for free to others, but you usually have to call to find out when their shipments come in so that you can pick up the boxes quickly.

Now that you have some boxes, you need to figure out what is going with you, and what is being left behind in the move. The possibility of throwing things out is high. However, you will probably come across some items that are no longer useful to you but are still in good shape. You may offer them to family members and friends, but you can also make some money by selling such items online, at a garage sale or through a consignment company. You can also donate them to local charities, especially clothes, furniture, and household items.

You should also decide if you are going to use a moving company. This will increase the cost but it is a good way to make the process run smoothly since you will have guaranteed help transferring your things from home to your new home instead of asking people to help you move. You can usually rent a truck and some movers, or just one or the other, depending on your needs.

After that you want to begin placing all your items into boxes and labeling the boxes. For fragile items you can use crumpled up newspaper to help ensure that those items do not break during transport. An important item to have is a handheld tape dispenser which will seal the tops of boxes after they are packed. Another useful item to have on hand is a thick marker with a visible color to write on boxes.

When selecting a moving company, some companies try to get an understanding of how many items there are and the weight. Finding out if there are any huge items like a refrigerator is also common. Most moving companies will typically bill by the hour so the amount of items is not needed to be quantified before the move.

Be cautious of any costs that you find to be too low, particularly if that approximation is only put forward to you over the phone or via the internet and you are asked for a deposit.

Legitimate moving companies that are not scams will provide you with information about their insurance as well as their licensing information. They will also provide you with easy access to their contacts.

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