The Truth Behind How Much Non-garbage Gets Thrown Out

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Did you know that about 75% of what goes in your garbage can either be recycled, reused, or donated? By learning about recycling processes, you can save money on your yearly garbage disposal costs.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware that certain items can be recycled. As a result, they end up throwing away valuable things that could actually be recycled, reused, or donated. Not knowing what can be recycled can increase the cost of junk removal, as recyclable items end up in the dump.

Over two million tons of waste is produced every year, and most of this waste either goes into landfills or the ocean. The main reason why this happens is that many people lack the knowledge and personal initiative to manage their waste. The majority of waste items are recyclable today. For example, electronics, batteries, household paint, and also disposable cups and plates can be recycled. And, if you recycle correctly, you could even make some money in the process.

At Clutter To Cash, we educate you on how to recycle, resell, reuse, and discard items that are not in use. We are a junk removal company in Maple Ridge, BC, and we offer a multitude of services that are usually required when residential and commercial properties are vacated. Our staff helps you with moving, junk removal, cleaning, de-cluttering, and reselling your unwanted items.

We have also created a unique “credit back program” that compensates customers for any unwanted items while we engage in removal and moving jobs. This system is designed to reduce the amount of garbage created and to save you money on the overall costs. Moreover, we are passionate about keeping reusable items out of landfills and giving them a new life!

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