How To Declutter On A Budget

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With your increasingly busy and materialistic lives, it is easy to keep adding unnecessary or broken items to a pile that quickly becomes an eyesore for you, your family, and guests who visit. For a more efficient and inviting space, decluttering and junk removal are essential. However, you may feel bad about all the items you accumulated over time and now have to discard.

The good news is that if you segregate your junk appropriately, you can actually reduce the cost of scrapping them. You see, apart from just relocating your unwanted items and getting them out of your way, you also have to consider the environmental impact, not to mention the costs involved with decluttering or junk removal service. To save money when you declutter and get rid of unwanted belongings, Clutter To Cash has just the tips for you. Keep reading to know how you can avail of junk removal expertise within a budget of only $100 to $200.

Recycle all paper
Recycling and reusing paper reduces the number of trees cut down, conserving our forests and contributing to temperature stability. Paper recycling is also often cheaper than disposal, saving space in landfills and also reducing pollution in the air from incineration. We suggest you make two categories for your items, one for papers to be recycled and one for the documents you need a second look at before discarding.

Create a donate pile
It is generally understood that anything you haven’t used in a year or two won’t see much use in the future. Clothes, appliances, and other day-to-day items that have been bought but not used or even those used sparingly can be donated to those in need. Donating rather than disposing of it is better for our environment. It also is a great way to share and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Create another pile for trash
Donating and recycling are all excellent. However, there are bound to be broken furniture, toys, and things that cannot be reused, donated, or recycled. To deal with these items, we suggest creating a separate pile, ensuring you know what’s going where.

Create storage for items and mementos you are keeping
Possessions that you have decided to keep need to be dealt with appropriately to ensure they are no longer in the way or a hindrance. It is also important to remember that keeping your storage needs to a minimum contributes to future savings. You can use totes with lids and choose an out-of-sight, suitable spot around your home to keep them dry and safe.

Call in the experts
Apart from the obvious health advantages and convenience decluttering and junk removal services offer, an added benefit is that they can help sort, process, and assist with resale items saving you time and considerable energy.

For more information on how to save money while availing of decluttering and junk removal services, reach out to Clutter To Cash. Operating in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, since 2015, our unique processes and way of doing business reduce overall removal costs for customers and the volume of waste ending up in the landfills. We also donate your unwanted clothing, toys, and food items to non-profit organizations and local groups in need.

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